Wrapped Matte White Audi A7 on XO Milan Wheels

Out of the Audi model line-up the A7 has one of the most unique body styles. With it’s sloping back and sleek aggressive lines it seems the A7 took some it’s cues from the classic Audi 100 Coupe S. No doubt the current model was inspired by one of the past. It’s sophisticated yet edgy. It’s the type of vehicle that already comes with all you need and more…but that doesn’t mean you can’t add something to it!

The owner had this Audi A7 wrapped with a white matte exterior and paired it with some blacked out XO Milan wheels. The contrast looks great and gives this A7 a little more ferocity than it had. The wheels handle well and make the drive all that more enjoyable.


– Lowered electronically
– Front: 22 x 9″ XO Milan wheels
– Rear: 22 x 10.5″ XO Milan wheels

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