Recap: Eurotripper 3

Eurotripper 3
Lowered, modified, unique, bold and personalized vehicles; this is how spectators were greeted upon stepping foot on the grounds that held Eurotripper 3. An event that has gained popularity increasingly since it’s debut in 2013. Not only does Eurotripper create an environment for Euro car fans to meet, socialize and admire Euro vehicles of all kinds, but it’s also held for a good cause! Walking through the lanes of vehicles you saw photographers, spectators and dogs; lots of dogs.
Eurotripper 3

Brookes Legacy had their pets for adoptions on site and any food, pet toys or cash donations were accepted. Brookes Legacy is Naples based network of volunteers that works to save animals about to be euthanized and find them homes! Saving animals, having a good time, admiring other people’s vehicles and meeting like-minded individuals is what Eurotripper is all about. Which is why we were thrilled to be apart of it and display a couple of our vehicles!

Naples Speed, our performance division, brought their modified 2015 GTI and a 2015 Audi S5, both sporting Vossen wheels. Our time spent at the car show was made even better because Naples Speed shared the stage with Vossen Wheels (pictured below).
Naples Speed Eurotripper 3 Naples Speed Vossen Wheels
After the event came to a close, we hit the streets to shoot a couple of videos and photos. Here’s two of my favorites from our rooftop sessions (featuring Vossen’s BMWs!) If you want to see the complete album feel free to browse our album click here.
Naples Speed Nalpes Speed
The weather was perfect, the cars were stunning, everyone was happy and the event was a success for us! What are you waiting for? Come in or call us and find your perfect vehicle! Maybe to take to next year’s Eurotripper?

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