Why Carbon Fiber?

carbon fiber
Carbon fiber items seem to be the new craze lately. But why? Not only do they add that extra stylish, sleek and sophisticated look, but they also have some great benefits. What is carbon fiber and what are some of the advantages? Well, carbon fiber is a very strong, ultra lightweight, modern high-tech, next generation luxury material and often used in applications of vehicles, furniture, sporting equipment and boats. It’s amazing to consider it’s weight-to-strength ratio given how light it is, yet still strong. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel but lighter than aluminum.

How does this effect vehicles made/with carbon fiber integrated? It reduces friction, and since it’s lighter, decreases fuel consumption and can lead to greater acceleration rates. It lasts longer given that it’s resistant to the damaging elements like corrosion, moisture and heat. Carbon fiber mirrors also compliment the exquisite vehicles they are installed on, given it’s unique woven appearance.

Naples Speed has already sold several sets of carbon fiber mirror caps and a few carbon fiber spoilers. In fact, the photo pictured above was of a pre-owned 2015 Audi S3 that sold a little more than 24 hours after that picture was taken! Carbon fiber is not a factory option (yet) but we can install them for you. They can be applied to the A3, S3, TT and R8.

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