Project MKVI GTI Autobahn

MKVI GTI Autobahn

Update 4/6/2015:  With the improvements we have made in the power department, and the southern temps rising, the next step was to add an OEM-friendly solution to combat the effects of heat soak. Our choice? The very popular Eurojet 2.0T Front Mounted Intercooler.

Florida’s heat and humidity can suck the life out of even the highest quality of improvements, but the Eurojet is more than capable of handling the load on this car, and according to their engineers, right through 600 HP race applications. It features TIG-Welded tanks, a bar & plate design, and proprietary internal louver and fin design. The intercooler is an inexpensive and effective upgrade for any modified 2.0T, and especially beneficial to those who are running K04-equipped motors.

Update 3/23/2015:  As the next step in continually improving the performance of my APR Tuned Autobahn, our team upgraded the exhaust to feature APR’s 3″ Downpipe. Moving to Stage II has produced a level of satisfaction that can’t be highlighted enough. Aside from the estimated +71HP/+80 ft.-lbs. over stock, the additional grunt and shift blips give this GTI a much improved sound and feel. The work also seems to have alleviated a less-than-pleasant start-up exhaust rattle which has been present as long as I’ve driven the car.

Now we just have to pick up some new rubber to keep this thing glued to the road…

APRDownPipeJanuary 19, 2015: In the land of modded Volkswagens, there often comes a time when owners must decide between looks and performance; the classic form vs. function debate. When I began my build, I was firm on increasing performance, while making additions that tastefully added to the overall look of my car; never compromising one feature for another. One thing I targeted from the beginning, was a Big Brake Kit. After sampling the Audi TT RS BBK we ran on the Samoa Orange TT, I was pretty much sold. That was until I saw one of APR’s factory cars wearing the Volkswagen Racing BBK. I loved the overall look and the promise of a factory fit, finish and install. The 6-piston setup works flawlessly with the factory master cylinder, and provides ridiculous stopping power. Plus, they look amazing under those 810s!

Update: Volkswagen Racing UK has since upgraded their MK6 offering with a 360mm ventilated Monoblock set-up, and APR has gone to an in-house offering.

Big Brake Kit

VMR wheels

January 18, 2015: Is there any decision that is more gut-wrenching than what wheel to run on your car? Aside from size, there are a ton of factors, including: design, weight, finish, availability, and of course, cost. I considered every wheel you can think of, and narrowed it down to the BBS CH-R, Avant Garde M590/M580, VOSSEN VFS2, and the VMR V810 Flow Formed. In the end, the VMR offering won out for me. It has a great design, tons of caliper room for a forthcoming BBK, and a very nice weight and finish. We had run a 19″ on our MKVII, but I opted to go 18″ for tire availability and everyday comfort. Very happy with the choice, and I can always go up to a 19″ in the future.


MKVI GTI Autobahn

Project MKVI Autobahn – Owner: Mark MacLaughlin, Creative Director

As we launch the newest version of, I thought I would share with you my personal car. It’s a 2012 Volkswagen GTI Autobahn; a MKVI body style. I’ve owned this VW since it’s odometer read just 213 miles. With the exception of a H&R Cup Kit when new, and a Stage 1 APR tune at 35k, it remained stock through nearly 37,000 highway driven commuter miles. When we began kicking around the idea of Naples Speed, to showcase our performance parts and accessories, I knew I was going to have to get on the bandwagon. Besides, like most people who have driven a car for a few years, I was beginning to get bored. My eyes were wandering to the new GTI and S3, and I wasn’t any closer to attaining my bucket-list topping 911 Turbo. What you see here is the result of that boredom, a wondering eye, and a very modest budget. What can a normal guy, with a normal life, get accomplished with a few coins that used to be stuck to the bottom of the cupholder? Check back often for updates!



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