20″ Wheel/Tire Fitment – A3/S3 (8V)

Update 10/22:
In preparation for some upcoming performance upgrades, we recently fitted the long-term Project A3 with AWE Tuning’s S-Flo Carbon Intake. The fully enclosed AWE Tuning 2.0T S-FLO Carbon Intake is made from high grade 2×2 carbon fiber that mounts directly in the stock locations and mates up to the factory air inlet pipes, perfectly. Wecouldn’t be happier with the results. Installation was incredibly easy and the fit was perfect. While there is certainly an underlying turbo spool note, unlike other intakes we’ve tested, the S-Flo isn’t obtrusive. With a stunning carbon fiber box, this is surely an attention grabber when the hood is up.

We had so much success running a 245/30R20 on Tony’s Project S3, that when it came time for another 20″ wheel fitment on the A3 quattro (8V), we turned back to Pirelli for the P Zero Nero GT. This go around, they are wrapped around a beautiful set of 20″ Vossen VFS2. The car is dropped lower on a set of H&R Sport Springs.

There aren’t a ton of 2015 A3/S3 out there going with a 20″ wheel fitment, but we’ve found that the ride remains very compliant, especially with the lesser drop of the Sport Springs. Even during aggressive driving and varying passenger loads, we’ve yet to experience any rubbing or harshness. This platform begs for a larger wheel/tire combo, whether you’re going to the aggressive styles of the S3 with BBS Wheels, or your tastes lean more towards the luxury look these VFS2s provide.

Lowering your vehicle is one of the quickest ways to improve the handling and aesthetics of your vehicle. Still unsure if you should be going with springs, coilovers or even air? Call us, we’d be happy to help! Call us at (866) 271 – 5903.



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  1. Looks great! What size are those wheels, 20x____? I’m running a set of 20×10 wheels and I went with ST coilovers but my car is rubbing so much in the rear. Any suggestions?

    1. Naples Speed says:

      The Wheels are 20×8.5 et44 with 245/30R20 Pirelli Tires, Are you runnning 20x10s on an A3/S3?

      1. Oh that explains why they are tucked in. I’m running 20x10s on a 2006 Audi A6 C6 with ST coilovers but I’m having some rubbing issues in the rear and my fenders are bakin’ a bit…

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