Audi Allroad on 20″ Vossen CVT VS. Audi Allroad on 20″ Vossen VFS1

You’ve seen both of these vehicles before and were impressed with the results; so we decided to take it to the next level. The bay-side Audi All road on 20″ Vossen CVT was shot down by the bay and the storm chaser, Audi Allroad on 20″ Vossen VFS1 had it’s rooftop sessions…but which one do YOU prefer?

Looks, style, efficiency and modifications have to be all taken into account. We took these two wagons downtown near the parks to let them battle it out. YOU decide who wins. Owner gets bragging rights. Let’s make it happen!

If you are interested in what you see, please contact us at (866) 271 – 5903 for any questions you may have! Feel free to leave any comments down below.

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