Audi Q7 with BBS CHR – II Wheels

The Audi Q7 is the top of the line Audi SUV you can find and it doesn’t disappoint. With a quiet cabin ride, spacious interior and nimble handling (despite it’s size) the Audi Q7 is one to look out for! It’s a great vehicle stock and an even better vehicle when tweaked! It took corners smoothly and maneuvered well in tight spaces. We drove this one down by the docks in Naples, Fl and found quite a few photogenic spots. The areas were limited in space but the Q7 never faltered. With a new set of BBS CHR – II wheels and lowered with H&R springs this Audi Q7 is our customer’s dream vehicle.

Are you interested in taking your vehicle from stock to hot? Maybe you don’t know where to start? Still unsure if you should be going with springs, coilovers or even air? Call us, we’d be happy to help! Call us at (866) 271 – 5903.

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