UPDATE: Audi RS7 gets AWE Tuning S-Flo Carbon Intake

Looking for more performance and a stunning engine compartment look, our client recently opted to add AWE Tuning’s RS7 S-Flo Carbon Intake. This product offers perfect integration with the OEM inlet ducting and increases horsepower and torque.

We have seen the evolution of this stunning Audi RS7. From the first time it came off the truck, parked into the Audi Naples showroom to coming back again for some additional equipment. You guys loved the sound of that Milltek non-resonated cat back exhaust! With some H&R lowering springs there was just one more thing left that HAD to be done! Wheels.

We took a poll of what wheels should go on this speed demon…and the owner went with Vossen CVT 22” Wheels. The wheels are custom painted gloss black with red accents. And of course, with the power this vehicle has, it also comes equipped with a K40 radar detector. You can never be too careful! Not only does it look great, sound great, but it also drives like a dream. The acceleration is smooth with a powerful growl, and takes command of the roads easily.

So, what do YOU think of this fast and furious Audi RS7?



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