Treat Yo’ Self // Audi SQ5 Lowered on Vossen VFS-1 Wheels

When Jessica moved on from her Audi A7 to her current SQ5, she felt that it was time to finally give herself exactly what she wanted.



As a long time client of our dealer partner, Audi Naples, she had always seen employee rides and other Vossen-equipped builds  parked around the dealership. Not to mention the Naples Speed display in the Audi Service Center, complete with a few different styles of Vossen Wheels.



Not even a month after purchasing her SQ5 from Audi Naples, she brought it straight to Naples Speed to give it the finishing touches that she had been dreaming of. She chose a set of 22″ Silver Brushed Vossen VFS-1 Wheels wrapped in 265/35/22 Dunlop tires with a slight stretch to them. Of course, we couldn’t let her leave here without at least a little bit of a drop. She opted for a set of H&R Sport Springs, lowering it about two inches all around. She is beyond thrilled.



The moral of this story? Treat yo’ self.

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