Q7 Has Us in a Quandary…

The 2017 Audi Q7 arrives in U.S. showrooms starting in early 2016.

Q7StockThere is word our dealer partners, Audi Naples, may have their first at the very beginning of January. With that in mind, we thought it only prudent to start thinking about aftermarket options. Clearly, this brute will need to be lowered a bit on whatever option pops up in the market first. But what then? What wheels? What size? What color? What brand?

To get the creative juices flowing, we thought we’d throw together a few renders, toss them out to the masses, and see what came of it. Check out the options below, and then vote in our poll. We’d love your feedback. If you’re interested in the newest Q7 at Audi Naples, we’d love to put you in touch.


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