Make it Growl // Milltek Exhaust on Audi TT RS Coupe


When you’re looking for a quick performance upgrade that everyone will notice, exhaust is the way to go. Wider pipes will clear the airways giving your engine the room it needs to breathe. You’ll notice a difference in torque as soon as you step on the gas, and everyone outside will notice the new voice you’ve given to your car.

The owner of this rare Suzuka Grey Audi TT RS Coupe decided to do just that. Knowing that there is no substitute for quality he opted for a Milltek Cat-back exhaust, shipped directly from our friends across the pond in the UK. The sound isn’t rip-your-ears-off loud; it’s mild enough to keep as a daily driver, but the growl is unique enough to set it apart from other TT RSs… That is, if you can find another one.


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