The Most Powerful Letter in Volkswagen.


After trying out several different models at our dealer partner, Volkswagen of Naples, this lifelong VW fan decided that he had to have the most powerful letter in Volkswagen. The Golf R.


VW of Naples searched all over until they finally hunted down and captured the perfect one, in the oh-so-elusive Oryx White. Equipped with all the bells and whistles and with arguably the most aggressive looks of the VW lineup, it is certainly a sight to be seen… However, we at Naples Speed like to think that there is always room for improvement! Luckily, our client has the same mindset.

With less than 100 miles clocked on the odometer, he brought his new baby to us to get the Naples Speed treatment. He knew he wanted to go lower so we set him up with some Bilstein coilovers, which he may decide to crank down even lower. For the wheels, he chose VMR V810s. Their glossy finish gives the car a little more sparkle. Paired with pearl white paint, the wheels give it a distinctive, yet harmonious look.


If you are interested in sprucing up your ride, give us a call! We’d love to help you out and be your one-stop shop for parts and installation!

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