Rain Is A Good Thing // Liberty Walk Summer Bash 2 Recap


Who says rain has to ruin a car show? Not anyone who attended the sopping wet Liberty Walk Summer Bash 2 event in Orlando recently. In fact, as a photographer, the rain was actually a good thing: it made for some awesome photos that would not have been possible otherwise.

It wasn’t all puddles and dark skies – for about the first twenty minutes it was somewhat pleasantly overcast. Then the storms came. While most people ran for shelter, I stayed out getting the shots you see below until the rain got a bit too hard for my camera’s liking. So off to the car. Then the rain let up again, long enough to get those soaked shots, until it down-poured again. Despite the rain, there was a high attendance to the show and it was raved about afterwards.

Camber, fender flares, and scraped lips were everywhere. Liberty Walk is a well-known company that make aftermarket widebody kits for various cars, perhaps most notably the Nissan GTR. Based in Japan, the company has established quite a following in the US and has created a lot of envy among the car community. The company’s creator, Wataru Kato, flew in for the event to make it all that more special. The main feature were the gaggle of Liberty Walk built cars, while the rest of the car community who registered flanked the outside. Vendor tents were popped everywhere displaying builds and product.

We hope to see the show set up again next year, and who knows, maybe we’ll wish for rain.


Check out the shots below, and check out our coverage of other Florida-based events!


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