A Speeding Silver Bullet // Loaded Audi S3

It is an overcast morning on your way to work while you’re jamming out to some tunes and sipping that caramel latte. You come to a red light and look back in your mirror, only to see something speeding towards you. You try to figure out what it is as the lights go through their cycle and it gets closer and closer. By the time you realize the light has turned green, it has sped past you in a silver blur and off to the horizon. Congrats. You’ve seen a speeding silver bullet with your very own eyes (insert cheesy line here).


The Audi S3 is the first flagship is Audi’s performance models. It is the beefier version of the A3, the little brother to the S4, and a direct competitor to the Golf R. Although down a couple cylinders to the S4, it is quite quick and more nimble with a smaller chassis, a 292hp turbocharged 4-cylinder, a six-speed S-tronic dual-clutch automatic, Quattro, and a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds.

We have worked on a few S3’s in the past that were nothing short of awesome. This one is no exception to awesomeness.

So! Our latest project was this gorgeous Florett Silver Metallic 2016 S3 equipped with a Black Optic package. The owner decided to go all out on the car, adding several aftermarket performance parts. Check out the list below. After it was finished, we took it down to a quiet corner and shot it with an incoming storm in the background, which only added to the raw edge of this car.


So, what does this sleek silver machine have? All this:



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  1. Mac says:

    Really nice! What offset did it use? Any spacers?

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