Your Daily Rally Hero // Golf R on Vorsteiner Wheels


The VW Golf R is one of the hottest hatches on the market, and rightly so: a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder makes 292bhp, it has enough room for the family, and boasts strong grassroots in Volkswagen’s rally history. Using research and technology from Volkswagen’s extensive and successful rally career, the Golf R was built for the spirited driver while maintaining the space and comfort of a daily driver – from the turbocharged engine to the rear spoiler, to the quad exhaust and “R” embroidered sport seats. For drivers who want that motorsport feeling in daily ventures: the Golf R is for you.

“The Golf R, especially in its four-door guise, promises to be all things to all people. Want a safe, efficient run-around? The Golf R can do that. Want something with space in the back and enough traction to take you into the mountains for a day of skiing? The Golf R can do that. Want something that can beat the pants off of most Porsches, BMWs, and Mercs while still saving you enough money for a Caribbean vacation? The Golf R can do that too.” –Digital Trends


So! An old friend came to us with his new Golf R, ready for the good ol’ Naples Speed treatment. Wheels, springs, and tires were promptly ordered.

He decided to go with a set of 19″ flow-forged, Carbon Graphite Vorsteiner V-FF 106 performance wheels wrapped in fresh 235/35 Pilot Super Sports, dropped on VMR Sport Springs.

Sleek. Sophisticated. Stylish. Sporty.



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