The Wagon of Luxury & Sport // Allroad on RS Wheels


Ah, the beloved Audi Allroad. We love Audi’s wagon and have taken in a few for the Naples Speed treatment. The Allroad is one of the best luxury wagons on the market: it makes for a comfortable road trip car, a cool grocery getter (especially with wheels and dropped low), a spacious car parts hauler… in short, Allroads look stunning with the right wheels and drop, and I wish I had an Allroad because I would CONSTANTLY take photos of it. They’re just so photogenic. Just look at it.


Previously an Audi Naples car, the customer who bought it wanted to add some flair to its full paint body. He opted to drop it down a bit and add a set of gorgeous silver Audi RS wheels. You might be thinking, those are stock Audi wheels? Why yes. Yes they are. Even a set of OEM wheels can look amazing and add a touch of flair to a car – it is all in how you make it. They turn your head just enough to wonder if they are indeed Audi wheels.


That’s it for now, but I personally can’t wait to bring another Allroad shoot to the site. Enjoy!

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