The 2016 World Performance Car // A Naples Speed x BBS Exclusive

The R8 was first released in 2007 as Audi’s jump into the supercar game. It quickly became a luxury supercar icon. From its release nine years ago to the final one produced in 2015, the R8 quickly made a name for itself and could barely stay in dealer inventory. Countless R8’s have been done up with wheels, suspensions, and engine modifications (including a few we’ve done). After a long nine year reign with a couple facelifts, Audi decided to redesign the R8 from the inside out. As expected, it was a huge topic among the automotive industry and especially among Audi dealers and enthusiasts, and poised for reveal at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Completely redesigned for 2017, the second generation R8 is nothing short of impressive -it even won the 2016 World Performance Car award.

Ever since the Audi USA prototype 2017 R8 hit the lot at Audi Naples in March, we’ve been in love with the new R8. A few short months later, the first R8 Audi Naples received was ordered by our friends at Vossen, who planned to put a set of their wheels on it soon thereafter (they have since done so). Then, another sold-order R8 came in. Then finally, a brand new, unsold 2017 R8 V10 Plus in Daytona Gray Pearl came to the Audi Naples showroom. And that’s where our story begins.


We just couldn’t let this R8 sit in the Audi Naples showroom without adding something. Naturally, we decided to do what we do best. And now the time has come. The Naples Speed x BBS 2017 R8 is here.


The wheels are one-piece forged aluminum; BBS FIRs. Fun fact: this is the first R8 in the country to sport the FIR wheels. The final look of this R8 is staggering, with the fronts at 20×9 and the rears at 20×11.5 (ha!). Those wheels, with those brakes, and that paint color? Not too shabby (;


Our good friends at BBS were able to rush these wheels to us in time for a golden-hour-5pm-Friday photoshoot. The R8 was a hot and highly anticipated topic around the lot on Friday; everyone from the detail guys to managers were snapping photos before we were able to snag the keys and take it for its official photo-op. The consensus? This R8 is straight fire.






The guys at BBS will be posting our photos on their own accounts and making prints to hang in their booth at SEMA 2016, so watch out for those!

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