Kill All Fenders // EuroTripper 5


South Florida’s most successful annual gathering of Euros has come and gone again for its fifth time, attracting enthusiasts from all over the bottom half of the state. “Kill all fenders” seemed to be the motto of the show, as nearly every Euro there was slammed down to the ground, gracefully or not. Not that I’m complaining. It was fantastic – an automotive photographer’s dream; everything seems to photograph better when it’s scraping the pavement, or grass in this case. I was happily rolling in the field half the day with camera in tow.

The show was as brilliant as ever. Volkswagens, Audis, BMWs, a handful of Mercedes’, Minis, Porsches, and a lone Lotus filled the side field at JetBlue Park on Saturday, Feb. 4th, 2017. The V-dub turnout was strong, vastly outnumbering all other makes combined.

Volkswagen USA joined the show again displaying an impressive array of dubs including a classic Thing, a bagged and wrapped 2017 Passat R-Line, a 2017 Golf R, a 2017 Golf in lime green, and a purple-wrapped 2017 GTI, all staged in front of several booths. The car-manufacturer giant handed out free goodies, allowed patrons to create their own art masterpiece under their #VW4Cycling booth, and brought out a driving simulator.


The classic car community came out and weaved among the shiny new cars with their vintage versions, covered in bright colors and rust: several old Beetles and Buses -including a restored blue/silver bus towing a matching half Beetle-bus front mini trailer- a handful of Rabbits, a VW Polo Coupe S, a few Cabrio’s, a classic Lotus, a classic Porsche, and a beautifully built Renault Dauphine.



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While there weren’t many BMW’s in the field, these two certainly stood out and attracted crowds of spectators.

Another show, another success. We look forward to ET6 next year!


Check out the rest of the show below!



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