Dark Horse // Audi RS7 on Vossen VPS-307T

Coming at you like a dark horse.

“One of the greatest performance sedan/hatchbacks of all time.”

The RS7 is often the dream Audi of enthusiasts with its smooth 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, stunning body, performance, and practicality. It is, after all, a sedan. A very, very fast sedan with a power retractable spoiler. The ultimate grocery getter.

We love everything about the RS7. It’s always a pleasure to take one in for upgrades, but this one may be the hottest yet. This well-spec’d performance hatch came to us in Mythos Black metallic over a black honeycomb-stitched leather, high-gloss black trim and carbon fiber accents encased in a Carbon Optic Package, quattro grille, and red brake calipers. Despite all the goodness packed into this car, it wasn’t enough for one enthusiast. Which is where we ecstatically come in.


How do you make an attention-grabber stand out even more? Add some shiny shoes and make it louder.

We fitted this RS7 with gloss black 21×10.5 Vossen VPS-307T forged wheels all the way around, wrapped in 275/35 Continental ContiSportContact rubber, to created a murdered-out effect. And let’s not forget the color-matched center caps that feature a red V to compliment the red brake calipers and other bits on the car. A Milltek Non-resonated Catback replaced the stock exhaust to thoroughly enhance the growling V8 and create poppy backfire that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Last but not least, she was electronically lowered to remove that pesky wheel gap and create the perfect fitment. When all was said and done, the spoiler was raised and we popped ‘er into dynamic mode for a short trip and some killer photos.




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  1. Actual tire size on this vehicle is a 275/30-21.

    1. speedee says:

      Leonard, they’re actually 275/35 all the way around

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