Naples Acura Exclusive // THERMAL ORANGE NSX

Have you ever seen a more boldly factory-painted Acura?

New for 2019, this striking color is fittingly named Thermal Orange Pearl. When Acura teased the launch of this color we could not believe our eyes. An orange Acura? Who is this bold new company?

This color is pretty fantastic. I think it’s awesome that Acura decided to go big or go home with this color on the 2019 NSX. It continues the Acura tradition of naming NSX paint colors after motorsport heritage – Thermal Orange pays tribute to 30 years of Acura motorsports vehicles with orange accented liveries.

The 2nd generation supercar came out in 2017, meaning it is naturally due for a few updates in 2019, and this color is just the beginning.Oh, you can also get matching orange calipers (disappointingly this one did not have those). However, this blog is really just about the color, the fact that Naples Acura received it, and that it was SOLD IN JUST A FEW DAYS.

You can read all about the 2019 NSX updates in Acura’s press release.

Enjoy this fire:


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