Quantum Machine // S5 Sportback on Vossen CG

Audi hit the nail on the head with the launch of the Sportback line – it wraps up all the goodness of the A5 coupe family into a hatch with four doors (much like the beloved A7, but you leave with a little more money in your pocket.)

Don’t let the paint fool you – this is NOT Nardo Gray.

New to the 2019 MY, Audi has introduced a new “primer” gray paint as a standard color on a few “S” models, including the S4, S5, and SQ5. It’s not Nardo. It’s Quantum. Quantum Gray. Many might think it’s an imposter to the well-known and loved Nardo, but Quantum has a bit of a warmer hue and an awesome name. We’re certainly not mad about it.

The arrival of this color has been highly anticipated around the dealership and we wanted to do something special with a new Quantum model. We had the wheels, we just needed a car. After excitedly waiting a couple months for this 2019 S5 Sportback to arrive, we can finally show it off.

When you add in the Black Optic Package + Magma Red interior + Red brake calipers = one excellent looking hatch.

  • Vossen CG-205 in matte black
  • H&R VTF Lowering Springs

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