Naples INFINITI x Vossen // Releasing the all-new HF6-1

Solve this math problem: Naples INFINITI has four different colored SUVs, and four different colored sets of wheels. How many combinations can they make?

In this instance, just 4. But it’s a reallllly good 4.

In a case of “we’ve never done this before”, this great collab with Naples INFINITI and Vossen went all out to promote the wheel maker’s brand-new six-lug hybrid forged HF6-1 wheel. INFINITI supplied four of its massive top-of-the-line QX80 models, while Vossen supplied four gorgeous sets of the HF6-1. 4 SUVs, 4 sets of an all-new premium six-lug wheel – it didn’t get much better than that one sunny Wednesday last month.

We spent the day with #TeamVossen, first with our Audi Q8 on HF-3s down by the bay, then ran these four boats up to a parking garage with a view. A group shot was necessary, then each QX80 spent some quality time in front of several cameras for their glamor shots.

Check them all out below, and choose your favorite!


  • Moonstone White INFINITI QX80 – Silver Polished (standard finish) 24×10 Front (Deep) / 24×10 Rear (Deep)


  • Hermosa Blue INFINITI QX80 – Tinted Matte Gunmetal (standard finish) 22×9.5 Front (Deep) / 22×9.5 Rear (Deep)
  • Liquid Platinum Infiniti QX80 – Tinted Gloss Black (standard finish) 22×9.5 Front (Deep) / 22×9.5 Rear (Deep)
  • Black Obsidian Infiniti QX80 – Tinted Matte Bronze (standard finish) 24×10 Front (Deep) / 24×10 Rear (Deep)





Vossen’s video:

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