Silver, Silver, or Silver? // 2018 S4 on Vossen VFS6

Long time no post! We’re back with a new project: this 2018 S4! We fitted it nicely with a set of 20″ hybrid forged Vossen VFS6, lowered snugly on some springs. There was a lot of back and forth on what color the wheels should be… Gloss Silver to match the trim? Satin Silver to…

Slammed S4 with 20″ Vossen CVTs / H&R Coils

This Sepang beauty is the male equivalent to the Little Black Dress. Perfect for every day use, hot enough to lead to some afternoon delight, and sleek enough to slip into the night leaving onlookers wanting more….much more. Our client came to us with some very specific needs after purchasing this vehicle at Audi Naples….

Imola Yellow Audi S4 on 20″ Avant Garde Wheels

This Imola Yellow Audi S4 can definitely be a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. This is an Audi with a fun twist, loaded with personality and still luxurious. Who says you can’t have edge and elegance at the same time? This superstar was sitting in the Audi Naples showroom and quickly sold thereafter….