Audi S7 on XO Tokyo Wheels

As if the Audi A7 wasn’t sleek, stylish and powerful enough, the Audi S7 comes along and steals the spot light. With more power, performance and luxury, this is a vehicle that speedily comes in and leaves with a lasting impression. So what better way to treat this sophisticated yet fun vehicle than with XO Tokyo Wheels?

XO Luxury Wheels are made in the U.S.A, premium built and finely crafted. They are meant for the kind of person who wants to modify their vehicle but maintain the original integrity of the vehicle. They don’t take away from what the Audi S7 already has and only compliments it. Not only does it look great but it drives like a dream as well!


– Electronically lowered
– Front: 22 x 9″
– Rear: 22 x 10.5″

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