Off-Road Voyager // Lifted Wrangler on 20s


Here at Naples Speed, it may seem like all we do is drop it low. However, we have sprinkled in a bit of roof-raisers over our time, and today we bring you another one.

We have had quite a few truck projects, and it seemed something was missing. What else can we lift? …Jeeps! Lifted Jeeps are pretty well loved around here, so we took on the Wrangler owned by our Audi Naples Service Manager and gave it the heightened Naples Speed treatment.


Here is what this off-road voyager packs in:

-20×12 XD wheels
-35×12.50 TUFF tires
-Rough Country 3.5 inch lift
-Steel shorty front bumper with hooks
-Spare tire delete


A bit of a stealth bomber resulted, with a nearly murdered-out look. It is a nice change from our usual lowered life, and we look forward to more Jeep projects in the future.


If you are considering any modifications for your vehicle,

please contact our team at (866) 271 – 5903.

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